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Welcome To AMC Kochi

Animal Medical Centre

Pets need care and regard for keep them healthy, cheerful, and safe. They need good food; spotless, new water; and an agreeable spot to sleep.Most pets likewise require standard activity to remain fit. It is vital to figure out about a animal prior to concluding whether it will fit in well with you or your family. Our targets were incorporate assisting individuals with grasping the basic significance of good animal welfare, building the logical case for the better treatment of animals.

Pet Ambulance Service

Pet Ambulance Services give a the entire hours ready to come in case of an emergency vehicle that has been reason fitted to move family pets. It has huge agreeable enclosures with observing and oxygen if fundamental.

Outpatient Department

Outpatient Department

We understand that standard tests, precaution care, inoculations, and clinical consideration of well wiped out, or harmed pets should be advantageous and ideal for proprietors.

Emergency & critical care

Emergency & critical care

Pets face unique difficulties in fact that their basic sickness cycles can create quick dangerous issues that require fast and forceful mediation. We can cure your pet by providing effective treatments.

Grooming Parlour

In grooming normally comprises of the canine being brushed, washed, and dried, as well as managed or cut with perfect, disinfected brushes and trimmer sharp edges.Thats make your pet hygiened and it makes your pet as your favourite one.


How much you love your pet. So you try to keep them clean. We help you with this. Groom your pet well and make them look pretty good


Training helps to knowing the animal’s attributes and personality, accurate timing of reinforcement or punishment and consistent communication.


Wanting to leave your pet while your voyaging can some of the time be upsetting and confounding.We will take full care of your pet and give proper food and keep them cleen and make them entertained.


Sending your pet to daycare will give him the caring consideration and friendship that pets need consistently. Our staff individuals are picked on the grounds that they love working with creatures.


If your pet becomes ill, our animal hospital has the capability to provide many technologies right in our facility, including emergency surgery services, on-site ultrasound, digital radiography, in-house blood work, hospitalized care, cancer therapy and support, and endoscopy.

Meet our wonderful team

Dr. Ansiya Iqbal

Dr. Kanika Sudhakaren

Dr. Anoop. s

Dr. Parvathy Unnikrishnan

Your Pet’s Nutritional
Health is Very Important
& Our Priority

We guarantee that your pet were protected with our hands, by giving affection, care.You needn’t bother with any stresses over your pet,our group deal with your pet.

Affordable Cost Veterinary

Provide specialized treatment at reasonable cost.

A Pet Shelter

Provide animals with food, water,shelter and medical care.

Best Quality & Certified Vet

Our veterinarians must be compassionate when working with animals and their owners.

A Complete Pet Food Shop

A variety of pet medicines, foods and pets accesories are also sold.

What Makes Us Different?

Around here, your pets are family

Professional Staff You Can Trust

We have well trained and experienced staffs that deals with your pet.

Fostering Socialization and Organized Play

Preparing dog or cat to enjoy interactions and be comfortable with other animals, people, places and activities.

Ensuring Your Pet Looks Its Best

Makes your pet feel different than you do.

Competent Medical Pet Care

Provide the best medical care for your pet and cure them very healthy.